When you lose one or more adult teeth it can cause a chain reaction of issues in your mouth. The loss of the tooth causes your gum tissue and jawbone to respond by retracting or shrinking. It causes your remaining teeth to shift and this causes misalignment of your bite. That can lead to dental and jaw pain and of course the loss of any tooth is cosmetically unappealing. No one wants to smile with big gaps and empty spaces in their mouth.

While this is a wonderful and amazing technology, there are still some myths and misconceptions that surround the use of dental implants. We want to go over the five biggest misconceptions about dental implants to enable our patients to move forward confidently with this beneficial solution.

  1. Myth: It is incredibly painful. 
    This just is not so. It is very important to know that the local anesthetic used for dental implants is the exact same one we use for fillings and root canals. If you are upset at the idea of this surgical treatment, we can also give you a sedative that will relax and calm you. There will be some soreness as you recover, but it is mild enough to be treated with over the counter pain relievers.
  2. Myth: It will require you to live with missing teeth for months. 
    While it is true that the bonding of the implant to the jaw can take up to six months, you are given a temporary crown that serves as a functional and cosmetic tooth during that time. This is one of the myths that you must ignore as there is no truth to it.
  3. Myth: They are rarely successful. 
    It is easy to understand how this myth about dental implants began. In the very earliest days of the technology, which is decades old, there were some failures. Today, however, the success rate for dental implants exceeds 90%!
  4. Myth: Insurances do not cover them. 
    This is another of the myths that is easy to understand. While the process may not be entirely covered by an insurance policy,You just have to focus on feedback of treatment and your satisfaction is most important. It will benefit you long time in your life, don't bother about non-insurance, you will get excellent payment options .
  5. Myth: They can cause pressure or damage to the sinuses or jaws.
    With the advent of remarkably accurate x-rays and scans, there is no risk for such problems. Complications are possible in any sort of procedure, but one of the biggest misconceptions about dental implants is that they can easily cause such issues.
  6. Myth: It will harm more in future.
    Lastly I would like to say an implants are the miracle in dentistry which offers you replacement of your missing tooth with more conservative manner, with less or neglegible harm to you.