We have been hearing lots of misconceptions about dental treatments from our elders or relatives . and most of them who stats that misconception has never undergone dental treatment or experienced themselves. lets have look at some common misconceptions and true science behind it.

1. Does my EYE get effected while removing tooth???

Ans: No. GOD is amazing scientist,architecture,sculpturer........etc whatever you say. God has given separate blood supply and nerve supply for each of our body organ, so as for tooth and eye. both are supplied by different vessels and nerves. so operation on one doesnt affect other. 

lets understant in reverse way;

Does your tooth ache when you get your eye glasses done or your eyes pain???? ...NO ... so as the reverse.

Any dental treatment has absolutely no effect on eyes.

2.Dental treatments are EXPENSIVE!!


Ans: Relatively NO.   there are lots of dental treaments available today. for one dental problem there are few treatment option and materials available today. all of them are not expensive. yes some treatments are do expensive where material and labcharge are involved . but dentistry has answer for all  problem regardless of cost.

One can always get treatment done with less expensive option and later upgrade for higher standard. but avoiding treatment is not an excuse.

Eg; if some have missing tooth then it can be replaced with various treament options starting from 700-60,000 rs. wheather patient chose 700 rs or 60,000 rs treatment , will get tooth replacement. but yes there will be difference in materialpoint of view.


Eg; if want to buy 5 seater car, you cango for MARUTI(5 lac) or MERCEDES BENZ(50 lac). we all know the difference right?

both are 5 seater and both are famous but we know the quality and comfort difference.same thing applies for dental treaments. 

3. Dental treatments are painfull.

    Lot  of  dental treatment can be carried out wihtout anesthesia. they dont require injesctions. and certain treatments which may induced pain during procedure are done under local anesthesia. So no way patient can be in pain at time of procedure. yes there might be little bit of pain after procedure but that can be taken care with medicines.

The techniques and equipments are so advanced today that most of treatment dont take too long. so under anesthesia your work done quickly without pain.

Infact dentisrty is only medical field where painfull disease is made pain free just in single visit of treatment. Some pains are relieved spontaneously as soon as you get out of dental chair.

4.Does frequent cleaning of teeth will reduce strength of teeth???

Teeth cleaning (scaling) is very much safe and simple procedure. the scaler machine which is used to clean the teeth is nothing but just a vibrator with water outlet. on vibrating on teeth surface it dislodges all deposits and stains from surface.  it has non cutting tip which means it does not cut tooth surface at any point.

We recommend person should go for scaling atleast once a year. this will keep teeth clean and gums healthy for life long.


Dr.Bhumik Patel