If you've been even ridiculed by comments like, "Your teeth look like a fence or a jail gate"; it's time you tell them , that you are going to get a terrific treatment, and your smile will be as beautiful as that of a Hollywood actor within no time.

Why is there a space, in the first place?-

  • Spaces between the teeth are most often caused by- heredity. 
  • Personal habits such as- tongue thrusting, abnormal tongue movements or swallowing  movements.
  •  Even loss of bone under gum tissue can also cause teeth to separate. 
  • Use of bobby pins, tooth picks can lead to trauma of gums and result in space creation. 

Remember the three R's-

Note- Spaces between teeth specially in a growing age like 13 -18 should be immediately shown to the dentist, so that the space is closed before the bone is completely developed(20 years)

There are various modalities of treatment, and with such high technological advancement, space closure can be achieved in any person, irrespective of age,gender and width of gap.

Though a thorough clinical examination should be done before concluding on one plan,these are most reliable and practiced ones

 Re-positioning the teeth with orthodontics (braces) - this the first     and the most advisable procedure with a combination of all merits. Like the one in this picture, treated by us. 

Restoring teeth and closing spaces through bonding, veneers, or crowns -     laminating with porcelain.

 In  cases of an aged patient with mobile teeth,and spaces resulting due to bone loss - Removal of teeth, followed by replacement with a bridge or implant     supported prosthesis is given. 

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