We've told you how drinking green tea is good for weight loss and health benefits of milk. So, does it make sense to mix these two, and have milk in your tea, to get the benefits of both? New research shows that adding milk in your tea, negates the health benefits of tea! Read on to know more.

Tea Cup Health Benefits

Tea is loaded with antioxidants called catechins, whether its black tea, green tea, etc. Previous research showed that drinking tea improves blood flow significantly, as compared to drinking plain water. But adding milk in tea, showed that is completely blocked the antioxidant benefits of improved blood flow. Turns out that the casein in milk significantly decrease the presence of catechins in tea.

The antioxidants in tea also help against aging, cancer and other health disorders. Since adding milk in tea affects the chemical make up and health benefits, it could potentially negate the other antioxidant benefits of drinking tea (without milk)

Further, do you add sugar in your milky tea? Do you know that sugar promotes fat storage and sugar affects male hormone levels? So, not only does your tea drink not give you the antioxidant benefits of tea, it also might be promoting fat storage.