When a patient approaches an orthodontist for orthodontic treatment, he is often confused about which braces to choose. The decision about whether to opt for metal braces or ceramic braces can often be difficult for a patient. The following 5 points will help you make an informed decision about which braces to choose. 

1. Aesthetics: Ceramic braces are clear or tooth-coloured braces thus making them barely noticeable. Ceramic braces can be combined with tooth-coloured wires thus giving the patient highly aesthetic results. Metal braces, on the other hand, are clearly visible and are often not a choice for the aesthetically conscious patient. 

Ceramic braces are highly aesthetic and barely noticeable 

2. Strength: Metal braces are higher in strength as compared to Ceramic braces when compared over a longer period of time. 

Metal brackets have high strength

3. Durability: Ceramic braces often tend to chip off when used for a long period of time. If the treatment duration for your case is longer then your orthodontist would most likely suggest you go for metal braces. 

4. Level of difficulty: Metal braces can withstand higher levels of forces as compared to ceramic braces. Thus, if your case needs more correction of malocclusion then your orthodontist will advise you metal braces. 

Ask your orthodontist

4. Cost: Ceramic braces are more expensive whereas metal braces are affordable. So if you're tight on budget and still want the results you should opt for metal braces. 

5. Sensitivity: Metal braces in rare cases may result in hypersensitivity in the oral cavity. Ceramic braces have no such issues with their usage.