As a mental health professional, whenever i see a Bollywood film based on mental health issues i get extremely disappointed by the way it is portrayed but i am glad that this film is different.

To begin with Alia Bhatt (client) suffers from clinical depression following crisis in her personal and professional life, she goes back to her hometown Goa where animosity is evident in her interaction with her parents which worsens the situation and her sleep problems persists.

With lot of inner resistance she decides to see a therapist (Shahrukh Khan).

Through the movie, individuals get a glimpse into one of the ways that therapy works and benefits the client. the film highlights certain areas of therapy and the therapeutic process that are very important for individuals to know:

Debunking mental health stigma: 

The film plays an important role in de-stigmatizing mental health disorders and the importance of seeking professional help. 

Understanding your thoughts and yourself better:

Over a period of subsequent sessions, therapist enables the client to challenge her core beliefs and look at herself and world in a different light, her childhood trauma caused by parents leaving her alone is identified to affect her current relationship which is also resolved by forgiving and letting it go. The movie acts as a catalyst in helping individuals understand their thinking patterns and how certain belief systems can hold us back, thereby increasing problems in our lives. We also understand that by seeking help we can attempt to resolve certain things in our mind which we may have difficulty doing ourselves.

Unconventional approaches to therapy:

The therapist uses some unconventional approaches to meet the client out of consulting rooms which in real world is not practiced frequently but never the less its fine till client therapist professional relationship is maintained.

Maintaining a professional client therapist relationship:

During the last session client expresses her affection towards therapist, the therapist deals with the situation very professionally which will also help individuals understand the dynamics of a client - therapist relationship.

Importance of medication:

In the real world too, mild depression and anxiety are dealt with only psychotherapy but many moderate to severe mental health issues may require combination of medication and psychotherapy, medications are not sleeping pills and are very effective in correcting the chemical imbalances associated with these problems.

The film is a big step in reducing stigma associated with mental health issues which resists so many patients to reach out to psychiatrist or psychologist.

Thank you to entire cast and crew once again.