It is Not about Economy but Jealousy.Trump vs.Hillary may Not win not because Trump is More Deserving but Desperate Housewives may be having a Jealous Streak against an Independent woman.

Why are Male doctors for women More Popular? No doubts that they are more kind, sympathetic to sufferings of women. It is not about demand and supply , lady doctors are less in numbers in every medical college. The ratio of males vs. females being 10:1.

Our women have got No Spirit of Bonding among them. The worst Critic of aWoman in Distress is the Well Protected woman who is first to find blames in woman who Desperately needs Help & Sympathies from her own ,but One should Never Live in a False Sense of Security that The Women will Come Forward to Help Each other.

This time Elections in America are made out to be a Tamasha on TV,like it happens in our own UP.

The streak to help a woman in distress is seen in rare women who too survive minus a man in their lives but why waste precious lives by running down each other? 

Do help but do not be wary of male doctors, ultrasound specialists , obstetricians, surgeons etc.

Good male doctor Never Encourage Dirty talk from a woman patient but Bad male doctor encourages. Do have power to Stay away from such pompous dirty doctors ,both male & female talking Dirty, so that a Rush is always there outside their clinics.

Mental health is as important as Physical health. Do Visit the doctor if need be.

This is written to help every patient & every human.

One should use instinct, reputation of doctor before visiting 

On an average doctors are here to help but few rotten apples have ruined the entire basket.