Here is what one of our clients have to say:

“I am very sure this idea of eating something for keeping someones ‘Mann’ or satisfying the emotions of the elderly in connection with food is a very common concept…eternally faced by the daughter-in-laws and son-in-laws everytime they go to their inlaws. The whole thing starts with one elderly person who will be roaming around with a box of sweets or some over fried unhealthy item and will almost force feed anyone of the way and feel eternally satisfied about his act. Deja vu anyone?

I, being a Gujju brahmin foodie, when I get myself in a situation of marrying a ghee loving marwari family, it was disaster waiting to happen! The pressure of settling in a new family, adjusting to the taste palette and juggling between work and new home is stressful in itself. Every family dinner, every dinner plan with extended family, I was perpetually forced to eat mithais, fruits, kachori, kheer etc. and everything always comes with an extra helping of swollen faces if you dont eat, ‘Ye ladki to kuch khaati hi nai hai’, ’itna diet karogi to weakness aa jaayegi’,’Itna kam koi khaata hai?’

It is an absolute crime if you have dal baati without/less ghee or have khichiya without a spoonful of ghee which resembles an Olympic size pool. So after all this you can imagine how a girl weighing 55 kg suddenly becomes 66 kgs and umpteen number of inch gain!

No offence to the community but its funny how being fat is so common in marwari families that nobody ever gets a feeling of complexity! My mom being a hardcore yoga instructor would literally tell me each day to lose weight and I would keep asking her- How do i say no to my in-laws?

The reason to write this is only because I want to bring about a fact that our elder generation does associate pampering us by feeding us. There are tons of emotions attached to food and it offends anyone who tries to feed you and you say no. The only side effect to this is you end up piling up lots of kgs if you dont watch what you are eating.

To all my bride-to-be’s this isnt the condition only with certain castes or religions- almost every girl puts on weight after marriage because of ‘Mann rakhna’.

Eventually I came across SBS and they have hence started making my plate look fuller so people around me feel that I am eating so they dont force feed me! lol!

A small advice- keep tissue papers handy, the minute someone forces a mithai in your plate, as soon as the person turns around, grab the tissue, pick up the mithai and hide it till you leave and feed it to some poor person on the roads. Please dont eat to satisfy emotions, eat to satisfy yourself.

Tehzeeb and Manal. Big hug!”

– Kruti Joshi