FOR TANNED SKIN :- Take skin of mango dip it into milk & than rub on face in circulatory fashion for 20 minutes.

TREATMENT FOR BLACK-HEADS:- Take 1 tsp of mango pulp add 1/2 tsp of milk than add 2-3 drops of honey mix all ingredients properly than apply on face for 20 minutes than wash it with lukewarm water.

 TREATMENT FOR ACNE:- Take raw mango boil it,than use that boiled water, dip the cotton ball in boiled water ,& apply it on face in circular motion after it dries wash the face.

FOR IMPROVING COMPLEXION, GLOWING SKIN, TREATING DARK SPOTS:- Take 1 tsp of dried mango skin powder mix it with 2 tsp of yogurt properly, than apply it on face for 15 minutes than wash after it dries .

FACE-WASH FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN :- Take 1 tsp of mango pulp add 1 tsp of almond powder also add 1 table spoon of milk to it, mix it & grind it properly into paste form & than use it as face-wash.