Life can be challenging if you have hearing problems or hearing loss. Further, as you begin to navigate life and work, another hindrance that you could face is attending an in-person meeting. 

Depending on the meeting agenda, meeting location, and the number of people attending the meeting, you may feel uncomfortable facing your colleagues with your hearing aids on. 

Continue reading to find some useful tips to manage your apprehensions and attend the meeting like a pro.

1. Arrive early to the meeting. Arriving early will help you to be strategic about choosing the right place to sit. 

Choose to sit at the centre in any meeting location. This is because the centre position keeps you physically close to everybody in the room and you are able to pay more attention to the meeting.

 2. Avoid sources of noise. Try to sit far from the sources of noise such as an AC, fan, or any other electric equipment that is switched on and making any noise. 

If your meeting room or office is close to the road or located in a busy place, try to avoid sitting towards the window as the noise can distract you.

3. Control the seating arrangement. Try to organize the seating arrangement such that you can see the face of the speaker as this will help you to read the lips or face of the speaker. 

4. Request a microphone. If possible, ask the speaker to use a microphone. This will not only help you but also other people to hear properly. It will also minimize interruptions and cross-talks.

5. Ask for keynotes. Try to get the meeting agenda ahead of time and the primary speaker's notes if they are ready to share them. 

In case you missed any points, you can borrow the notes from your colleagues after the meeting, to fill in the blanks.

6. Utilize assistive listening technologies. Remote mics are available with almost all hearing aid brands. You can use them if you are in a meeting, as a tabletop mic in a panel discussion, or give them to the primary speaker.

7. Use speech-to-text apps. For a person with hearing loss or hearing difficulty, speech-to-text apps can also be used. With these, you can record what you hear and convert it into text. This will help you clearly understand the things that were discussed during the meeting. 

Remember to check with your company before using a speech-to-text app to make sure it is in line with the company’s policies. 

Try these tips and notice the positive difference they bring to your office workspace. It is advisable to consult your ENT as soon as you start having hearing loss issues to get them resolved at the earliest. 

Also, do not hesitate to talk to a trusted family member, friend, colleague, or your manager about this issue.

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