What is this package about?

Having a healthy sex life plays a very important part in ensuring one's physical and mental well-being. Solutions to sexual-related problems go a very long way in improving lifestyle and eliminating stress, especially for men experiencing sexual dysfunction.

Issues addressed by the male sexual improvement Package.

-Erectile dysfunction

-Premature ejaculation

-Penile shaft size enhancement

-Nerve function at the base of the penis.

-Blood flow in the penile shaft.

What advantages does this package have?

This package, which lasts for a minimum of three months, provides a complete solution to all male sexual dysfunction problems through physical therapy.

The unique features of this plan are:

- Strengthens the base of the penis through massage therapy.

- Improves size and blood circulation in penile shaft through a use of vacuum erection device.

- Audio and video consultation for sexual function enhancement

- Homoeopathic medication for 3 months.

- Treatment through physical therapy.

What are the steps followed for treatment?

1.Consultation about the issues experienced.

2.Diagnosis of the condition.

3.Physical therapy and homoeopathic medicines.

4.Instructing the patient regarding lifestyle alterations for better sexual health.

Anticipated results:

  • Marked gradual improvement of sexual function within a week.
  • Zero chances of relapsing.
  • Better sexual health.