Having a child is important for any couple. Not only does it marks a new era in life but also makes the family complete. However, in the recent years, issues of infertility have become extremely common. As a matter of fact, in relationships where infertility is the matter of concern, until medical investigations are completed to determine precisely which partner is infertile, the pressure and burden are felt by both the partners. According to statistics available, the issue of infertility is predominantly associated with woman, however, 35 to 40% of the time, problems are with men.

Understanding  male infertility

It is important for people to know that infertility is not a reason to get embarrassed. Most of the times it so happens that men find it embarrassing to consult a sexologist doctor to discuss the problem of male infertility. As a matter of fact, they do not even accept that the issue is with them. If you fail to get your female partner pregnant, then seeking expert advice can help you deal with the situation in an effective way. Like any other medical disorder, it is also a condition which is very much treatable with the right medication. What is important is getting the right treatment before problem persists.

Given below are some reasons for infertility in male:

• Excessive stress

• Injury or any kind of birth defect

• Improper or poor diet or Diabetes

• Men suffering from sexually transmitted diseases

• Use of steroids

• Illness

• Lifestyle choices

• Hormonal issues

• Exposure to toxins like heavy metal radiation, benzene, lead and mercury

Solution for male infertility

Looking for the right solutions to the problem of infertility is important for those who are unable to conceive. It is obvious for such couples to consult a sexologist doctor to find out the right answer to the problems. Make sure that you do not delay the treatment for a longtime as it will only worsen the situation. Visit the right doctor to find out the right answers which is causing the problem of infertility.