Male infertility is when a couple is not able to achieve a pregnancy and on investigations, problem is diagnosed with some parameter of semen & sperms which causes impossible for him to result in pregnancy. Can male infertility be treated?

Male infertility is quite common. In one in five infertile couples, problem lies with the male partner.            Male infertility is not always having symptoms. Only if there is some problem in Co- Halting with partner then it is symptomatic. In most of the other cases it is diagnosed only on investigating. 

What are the symptoms of infertility in males? 

Causes of male infertility can be either because of defect in sperm production or sperm transport. About 2/3rds of infertility males have problem of defective sperm production, either low or abnormal medicate radiation.       

Grossly causes are:

1. Sperm production problems – Genetic, infection, injury,Medication, Radiation.

2. Blockage of sperm transport.

3  Erection & Ejaculation problem.

4  Hormonal problem.

5   Sperm antibodies.  

What causes low sperm count?

Generate causes of low sperm count are –Zero Anabolic steroids taken to

stimulate muscle strength.

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Radiation exposure
  • Occupation resulting in heating of testicles.
  • Tight clothings.