Recently I came across and treated a male patient suffering from breast cancer. That spurred me into writing this post.

The occurrence of breast cancer is well known in women; men rarely suffer from the disease. However, we do encounter a couple of cases every year. Male breast cancer, just as in women, often presents with a slow-growing lump, which is initially painless and hence ignored. Men do not have a lot of breast tissue, hence the tumour tends to invade and involve the skin and/ or the chest wall earlier. And that’s why male breast cancers tend to fare worse than female breast cancers.

The diagnosis and treatment of the condition are the same as in women, involving a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy for diagnosis.

Treatment involves removal of the entire breast tissue along with the axillary lymph nodes ( Modified Radical Mastectomy). The need for Adjuvant Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Hormone therapy is based on the histopathology report. If treated in time, men have also been found to fare just as well as women.

Bottom line: Don’t ignore any changes. Get yourself examined.