Why do most people find it difficult to lose weight? They can’t control their food cravings. Whether it is a sweet tooth or late night snacking, it is always that one craving that keeps throwing them off their weight loss goals. If there was a magic pill that could help you manage your cravings what would that be? According to recent study, exercising can actually help you manage your cravings better. Lets see how.

Why do we crave certain foods? It’s because they make us feel better. According to the study, exercising can have the same effect on our body. Thus it has the triple benefit of burning calories, toxin removal and no consumption of any additional calories. Exercising also releases “happy” hormones that not only makes us feel good but even prevent emotional eating.

There is another theory to managing cravings with exercise effectively. According to the second theory exercising releases appetite suppressing hormones in the body that naturally kill your appetite.

What is the best exercise for this. We recommend jumping instead of cycling as the most effective tool for this. Jumping motion moves the centre of mass up and down  and it changes the levels of hormones like ghrelin more than any other type of exercise. Ghrelin is a hormone that is released when we’re hungry. When you jump consistently your cravings get automatically controlled by the hormones releases in the body.

Besides, exercises creates more fatigue that can impact your desire to eat junk food. Next time you feel like a chocolate try jumping on the spot for five minutes and watch the craving disappear in no time plus you get to burn a few calories instantly.

The research confirms that the magic pill to managing your cravings is exercise.

To make this magic work for you it is recommended to do 30 minutes of moderate intensity of physical activity at least five days a week.  The most effective workouts for this purpose are running and interval training. If you don’t have time to go to the gym you can do some basic exercises for a minimum of 15 minutes and get similar results. Lastly avoid eating junk food and skipping meals.