Putting on weight can be a real burden. It leads to lots of problems – your image suffers and can lead to loss of reputation. Moreover, it can adversely affect your relationships, both intimate and professional. And you stop growing!

Learn to lose weight – at the right places

When you put on weight in your head – it leads to following problems:

  • Arrogance - who likes arrogant guys?
  • Pride - it goes before a fall, remember?
  • Loneliness – no one likes to be with egoistic guys
  • Delusion – you really think you’re the greatest? And always right, right?
  • Lack of growth – if you already know all, why would you learn more and grow?

How to lose weight

First, get a reality check. 

Don’t surround yourself with sycophants or yes-men. Remember the politician who doesn’t realize how unpopular he really is? Or the king who doesn't realize he is actually naked? Do interact with honest people who can give you a realistic feedback. And be open to criticism.

Second, realize that there is always scope for improvement. 

No one is perfect. No one knows all. You may be very knowledgeable or even fairly successful, but there will always be someone who knows more and has done better than you. So keep an open mind and learn. Learn to listen and listen to learn.

Big people are humble.

Small persons are egoistic. Really big people are humble – that’s how they achieved greatness. If you remain humble, you stay open-minded. That means you’re ready to take in inputs that will contribute to your knowledge and add to your personality. That leads to growth and development.

Moreover, humble people are more likable. Therefore they are more popular. This leads to greater and smoother social interactions and success.

So stay healthy – stay lean. Keep your head weight light and join the successful brigade!