Snoring is a result of blockage or obstruction of breathing. It is not as big a problem as it may seem but can be irritating at times when you want to sleep and the person next to you is snoring. Snoring is a sign telling us that there is a problem in breathing while one sleeps and take action in curbing the problem before it becomes big and chronic.

Some people have a problem that they can not breathe during sleep due to snoring. This is called Apnea. Body takes immense pressure on the body, unable to take in oxygen properly. Hypertension, hyperactivity and heart problems are more common in people who snore. People who snore probably don't get good quality sleep due to breaks during sleep because of breathing. For people with greater difficulty in snoring can cause problems to the brain due to lack of oxygen going to it.

Sleep researchers in Israel examined more than 2,000 sleep apnea patients, for example, they found that 54 percent were positional, meaning they snored only when asleep on their backs and the rest were non positional.

Other studies shows weight plays a major role. According to the National Sleep Foundation, in people who are overweight, slimming down is generally the best way to cure sleep apnea and end snoring for good. People who were overweight saw reduction in snoring when they lost weight.

Due to increasing obesity rates snoring is picking up with kids too which is not a healthy sign. If you snore at night then try sleeping on your side and not your back, it may help. If that is not of any help to you then reduce your weight maybe you get away with the problem and sleep tight.

With the help of some breathing exercises and reducing alcohol and smoking snoring can be curbed. Sleeping on the side can help in reduction of snoring. Most importantly a healthy diet and some exercise plays a great role in maintaining a balance in the body.