What causes loose teeth?

Loose teeth don't always mean gum disease, but if when you press on your teeth they move back into your gums,gum disease is probably the culprit. If the disease has not progressed so far that the teeth are severely loose, then treatment of the inflamed and infected gums will usually correct the problem.

Treatment option:

If your teeth are loose, the dentist may splint the teeth together with a bonding material so they can withstand the pressure of chewing while the gum and bone are healing. This is often an effective temporary solution that gives the teeth time to stabilize. If this is successful, interconnected crowns may eventually be placed on the loose teeth as well as those that adjoin them. This solution provides support while also allowing retention of most of the natural tooth structure.

What causes bone loss?

When a tooth is lost or extracted as a result of gum disease or an accident,the bone around it heals at a slightly lower height than the tissue adjacent to it. In  many cases,a bone defect results, making replacement with a fixed bridge difficult, if not impossible. Unless something is done to mask the defect, the teeth will look much too long. Three techniques that can be used

  1. Fixed porcelain interdental addition:A fixed porcelain interdental addition is gum-colored porcelain (composite resin) that is added to your bridge to mask the space between the restoration and gum. The main challenge is obtaining a natural color match.
  2. Removable artificial tissue appliance:This appliance may be the easiest and least expensive way to mask missing gum tissue.
  3. Ridge augmentation:It involves the addition of either transplanted or synthetic bone tissue  to restore the ridge to its normal height. This surgical procedure allows the creation of a more esthetically pleasing and better fitting fixed bridge.So if you have unattractive spaces at you gum line, consider ridge augmentation.
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