DID U KNOW that jaw bones start disappearing once one loses teeth. This is the main reason of the classical OLD AGE LOOK.

This is natures way of saying , IF U DON'T USE IT.

What causes this?

Individuals lose teeth due to various reasons and tooth loss makes them look old. Aesthetics are an important part of the overall looks of the patients irrespective of their age. Most people become conscious about their looks when they have teeth missing from their mouth, as these areas are  noticeable when the individual talks, smiles or laughs. There are various reasons because of which teeth can be lost :

  • Accidents including road traffic accidents 
  • Recommended extraction of teeth for any orthodontic treatment
  • Damaged teeth
  • Teeth which cannot be saved or restored

Bone resorption is the primary effect seen after the loss of the teeth from the respective areas. Bone resorption is prominent in the patients who have lost front teeth. Those who have lost the back teeth can experience difficulty in the chewing of the food as well as at the time of the opening and closing of the jaw. Dislocations of the temporomandibular joints is quite common in such patients who have noticeable bone resorption after the lone of the natural teeth. In the absence of teeth, the bone cells in the respective areas are not stimulated to keep producing bone in the particular area of the jaw. This leads to resorption of bone without having bone production going on, on the side.

The skeletal pattern of the face will also be affected in the absence of teeth. This can be commonly seen in the patients who are of elderly age group. As these patients have more than one teeth missing in most of the cases, the looks are compromised with eventual sagging of the face starting from months of the loss of the teeth, eventually leading to a "witch's chin look"

Witch's Chin look - the dental area is fully collapsed due to poor bone support.

Most  individuals want to compensate the loss of the natural teeth whether it’s timely or untimely loss. There are treatments which lead to long term benefits to the patients in the form of correction of the aesthetics and improvement of their features as well as improved functionality. The best treatment is dental implants which are in great demand among the patients who are much concerned regarding their facial aesthetics and want the best treatment to retain a young and healthy look.