Stop being a crash dieter and stop throwing your body like a football from weight loss post to weight gain post! 

You will lose 5-7 kg with your crash diet which would mostly be water weight and you will gain it right back. By crash dieting, your sugar levels may drop causing you to feel hungry and binge on high carbs food for satisfaction. Crash diet often results in lower weight on the scale due to water loss but not fat loss and that’s why it always comes back quicker than you lose it. These diets can be very harmful in the longer run. When you suddenly cut your calories drastically, the body thinks it's starving and works to protect its set fat point by slowing down the metabolism to try and store fat rather than burning it. 

Crash diets have very low fat and without essential fatty acids, your fat burning metabolism will suffer. Crash diets also make you feel lethargic, irritable and you are at a high risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. Please respect your body and work on following a sustainable diet, build lasting habits, maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a good healthy diet and working out on regular basis, and then you will never struggle with weight ever again!