We often care for our physical health. None is aware of mental health.

A person who takes medication for diabetes or hypertension is not judged for his condition. But a person taking anti-depressant drugs is judged and are abused.

This scenario has to change!

Before COVID-19

Everyone was busy with their studies, work, businesses, and all the hustle and bustle life. None even had the time to sit and eat and relish their food nor spend time with their families.

This even leads to many lifestyle disorders like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Despite that none took the time to think about what caused their condition and everyone needs immediate relief.

After COVID-19

There was extensive lockdown. None is allowed to carry on their business as usual.

Everyone started spending their time with their family, started having fun with their family. Many have even become good chefs.

Nature has found a way to heal us.

What is the lesson we learned from nature?

Beyond materialistic things, LOVE, RELATIONSHIP remained the most promising thing.

Apart from happy things, there are negative things which made us sad and depressed.


Depression is a serious medical illness where negative thoughts and mood swing occurs, losing interest in activities, impairing daily life. 

It is much dangerous than many fatal diseases like cancer, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. 

There are diseases emerging day by day and cause remains idiopathic.

But in Homoeopathy, as our principle says, Mind is everything. Once the mind gets disturbed other organs start to get infected and the result is the emergence of all autoimmune diseases.

Now you can perceive how bad is bad mental health.

But why none is aware of that? 

We receive a lot of condolences for the person who dies of depression. Why did he die?

A cancer patient, once his condition is known, is treated immediately and is having an extended survival of 5 to 10 years. A person who is about to die got an extended survival of 10 years. 

But what about mental health? It is too fatal than cancer. It has a very serious course. When not found and treated it is ultimately leading to death. Then why depressed persons are not considered serious before they die? 


It is high time to educate ourselves.

It is our due responsibility to save our near and dear ones from depression before they give a solution of death for themselves.

Homeopathy provides a holistic approach to every individual where further organic damage can be prevented by treating the current bad mental health.