There are billions of people in the world , but why do we still find ourselves lonely, isolated??

If we recall vividly our driving experiences; of sitting and driving in our respective tin boxes or cars , we are all individualized entities in our small tin worlds.

There are others and other vehicles, everyone lead by their destination, by their frame of mind and thus distinct and separate.

There is this speeding white car, there is that weird bike chap, there is a intimidating trucker, the sluggish three wheeler and though the traffic is one we are all separate, in our own worlds. And it is me vs you and we don't like other vehicles coming in our way , interrupting our momentum!!

We all in our lives actually isolate ourselves with our own desires, goals and destination and we are seeking pleasure all the time through them. And all pleasures are private!!

So its like -clear off my road!! I am on my pleasure path!! Looking for a destination, I have been told is my purpose

And then we complain of being lonely..........How should we be and where should be our destination is isolating us more and more ,

And more the fixed the destination is ,deeper is the loneliness!!!

There could be lack of compatibility as we are on our private journeys but there would be co-travelers with their path overlapping ours.So why not find them, why not let go of a Pre- fixing of overlapping distance. And when overlap ends and the co-traveler take a different road , why not find a different co-traveler??

The island is an isolated entity , cut from other land, surrounded by water all around! 

The island may be happy as it is, rather enjoying its alone-ness!

But we become islands on our own and then moan and groan, As why we are separated from other pieces of land.

Diving deep into self-pity , Having rock like static pre- conceived expectations of how others should drive . lamenting why there is no one who could be a co-traveler, not ready to change directions and complaining of not getting to where they think , they should be !

Let us come to our favorite ; how ? how to manage it??

1.It is improbable to become one with traffic, to loose the "I" as we would still be enclosed in our tin boxes.So is it possible not to have a static destination

because if we do not get there, what is there is a deepened lonely "I". We have defined the state of happiness, with the influence of culture as how one should be!!

It may be mighty difficult to let go of that definition but can we keep changing that so that we are not stuck!!

2.Secondly can we be happy with the how much ever time we have with our co-travelers and not want them to last forever as we are own private journeys, all of us!!

And be fluid to find others when need be!!!

So may be lets start moving and exploring!

And more the fixed the destination is ,deeper is the loneliness!!!