A purpose gives us direction to plan our life. Everyone needs a purpose to live a full life. But there are times in our life when we lose purpose. The purpose gets lost because of events in life that make us sad, miserable, hopeless and helpless. We get derailed from our purpose. And it becomes incredibly difficult to focus on our purpose.  And when we get lost and become hopeless nothing appears good. We feel empty and broken, we get dissociated from life, our relationships, our careers and our responsibilities. 

How do we then bounce back and reclaim our purpose? 

1. Start: The ideal place to start is to give yourself a break and visualise your purpose again. Just pure visualisation without action gives a sense of what's happening. Visualising your future and purpose will give you positive energy. Imagine you are climbing higher and higher in pursuit of your purpose. Just feel the future in pictures with your eyes closes. See yourself pursuing your purpose successfully.

2. One step at a Time: Once you make up your mind, gather the mental energy to start a new journey towards your purpose, take small baby steps. There is no need of taking large steps. Just small small steps are enough. One day at a time. One activity at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself with very large steps and large plans. Keep the short terms goals in mind. 

3. Keep a Journal: Maintain a success journal of your achievements and revisit it on daily basis. See if you are meeting your daily small goals successfully, read your successes loud every day before your sleep. Did you just give water to plants today that made you feel good? That is also a great achievement. Rejoice it because you have started becoming productive. You are back on track. 

Write down your journal with enthusiasm. Your daily goals success will give you satisfaction and confidence that you are on the right track. You need to start feeling good. That's a major barrier crossed. You have started feeling alive. Its knocking your door and preparing you for your final purpose. Small steps will go a long way in building that life you visualised. The journal is to remind you it's doable. Your purpose will indeed become a reality. The feeling of well being is coming back.

4. The Next Step: Start working on your purpose by starting to plan it. Now that you have successfully met small goals on a daily basis that have given you a sense of well being and restored your confidence; it's time to take the game to the net level. The next level is nothing but just put your plan on paper. This plan is the one that is directly related to your purpose. That purpose which will give you greater well being, greater feeling of having arrived in life, bigger contribution to mankind, when your creativity gets unleashed in a manner that has never happened before. This exercise will be just be on paper. Involve your network and social support to plan and replan until you arrive at the plan you believe is the plan you would like to execute.

5. Execute: Now you have a concrete plan, positive outlook and confidence to go for your purpose. Don't look back. It's time to get going. Go for execution. Keep a clear focus on your purpose. Execution is just what you have listed down. Tire yourself out by becoming busy in pursuing your purpose. Don't let any stone unturned. Its now or never. The Purpose is in reach and you will start feeling it being met as you go through the grind of inching towards it. A stage will come during this journey when all the despair, negativity and pessimism will go away. It is because now you have only your purpose in your mind. The greater cause for which you existed. Your past and negative self talk no longer dominates your thoughts. Everything happening is flowing on its own. You know instinctively what you are supposed to do. There is no special effort required to move towards your purpose. It's all happening naturally.

6. Exercise: A short burst of exercise will act as a strong stress buster. Exercise will  increase your sense of well being. It will give you 'more feel good factor'; strengthen you further, give you more energy to help you move towards your purpose. 

May Peace Prevail

Sometimes we lose our inner balance and get disturbed because of factors beyond our control. It can happen to anyone. That's the nature of life. Strong become weak and weak become strong.  The darkness looks strong but then sense starts prevailing. May you succeed and achieve your purpose.