No doubt it feels super awesome when someone compliments you " WOW!!! You are growing younger day by day !" This happy moment is not far as one of the simplest, and most effective methods of  living longer and younger is available now!!!

Scientists have proved that the closest thing to anti aging pill is REGULAR EXERCISE. The most interesting thing about exercise is that it has  lot more to do with your health and longitivity  than the influence of medicines. Exercise is like a policy in bank ....the more and the early you invest ....the more and better you will get.

Regular exercise like brisk walking for 30 minutes on a track, a bout of strength training at home and a good pair  of shoes keeps you moving,makes you independent, reduces medical costs , eliminates burdens on family and friends . And the best return is the youth, energy and key to living long without getting old .This is the most economic monetary affair one can ever come across.A healthy diet is  to be considered undoubtedly.

Some exercise facts:

You can start exercise at any age ,its never too late .

Exercise needs a proper schedule .

Exercises dose and type may vary from person to person .

Donot Exercise immediately after taking food.

Listen to your body.

Important thing to be mentioned here is always start your exercise schedule with medical screening and proper advice of a physiotherapist especially when you are diagnosed with some medical condition, having any kind of joint pain,age above 40 years or a beginner. This will help your physiotherapist in a proper exercise proscription  and  designing a healthy exercise schedule which can give you gains without any pains.

Benefits of exercise are well known . It helps in enhancing and improving memory and brain health ,muscle and Bone mass,keeps your skin glowing,manages the hormones, benefits your heart, immunity and the list goes on....

A point to be noted here that all the above benefits are the part of anti ageing phenomenon aswell. So if you are pledging for a 30 min investment on regular exercise,CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you have selected a policy with lifetime benefits!!!!!! 

Enjoy living.!