India alone constitutes 49% of diabetic patients in India and the figures are more likely to increase by 2025. It is no rocket science to understand how alarming the situation is. However, one of the few positive things with regards to diabetes is the growing awareness, alertness and sensitivity.

Diabetic individuals now can live a normal life and have higher chances of getting rid of diabetes if it is detected at an earlier stage. Moreover, the enhanced awareness and alertness amongst the general public is helping the detection of disease at an earlier stage where it is controllable.

We all are well versed with the sufferings of a diabetic patient and the hardships they go through at times. If you suffer from diabetes or perhaps know somebody who does, these simple tips can help them ease their life a little more.

1. Exercise regularly – Exercising regularly is vital for a diabetic patient. In order to control the glucose level in their blood exercising is mandatory. Regular exercise also keeps them mentally fit and generate good hormones. Going for a jog every morning or joining a fun Zumba class would benefit a diabetic patient at so many different levels.

2. Diet – Diet is important. As much as you know that a cut down on sugar is vital you should also include a lot of leafy vegetables in your diet. Watch for your carbohydrate intakes as well. Carbohydrates, later on, break into sugar. Consume plenty of fruits and whole grains too.  

3. Regular check-ups – Whether your sugar levels are under control or not, it is best that you have a regular tap on them. Visiting the doctor every once a month or twice a month is important. You can easily keep a tap on your health in that way.

4. Quit smoking – Diabetes tends to make you prone to other ailments such as kidney disease, heart disease, eye disease and so on. Smoking only pushes you more towards it. So, it is best to quit smoking. Smoking also makes it difficult to exercise and remain active. Consult a friend or take medical help but make it a priority to quit.

5. Alcohol habits – Beer, wine or other types of alcoholic beverages should be limited. It becomes much easier to keep your sugar level under control if you do not consume alcohol. If you are having a hard time quitting it then reduction of its consumption is certainly the best option.

6. Fun activities – To keep your mind happy it is vital for you to indulge in fun activities. It could be a weekend art class or anything else. Keeping your brain busy with what you like totally helps you stay fine.

7. Learn to coordinate – Your meal timings and medication should be well coordinated. Too much of insulin can dangerously drop down your sugar level and cause a problem.

To be honest, you can live an absolutely normal life if you take a good care of your diet plan and exercise regularly. Drink plenty of water every single day and do not miss appointments with your doctor.