Life under Seven, Seven Times Seven

I am not a seventh day Adventist to tell how god created the heaven and earth in six days and took rest on the seventh (sabbath) day. I like to dwell in the seventh heaven which is actually the abode of god with a state of supreme happiness

. I would like all our diabetics do the same hence forth. I wish their life be colourful like the seven colours of the rainbow not only on seventh April (world health day) but all the seven days in a week.

The gold standards for diabetic control i HbA1c under 7%

blood sugar should not less than 70not more than 2x70(140) mg%

Blood pressure should not less than 70 and more than 2x70(140)mm/hg

A healthy average persons weight ideally be around 70 kgs

His heart will not be troubled if the pulse is around 70


LDL most less than 70 mg%

Total Choleseterol- 3x70(210) mg%

HDL not exceeding 70mg%

TGL not exceeding 2x70(140)mg%

7 EMI (equated meal instalment)s keep your diabetes under control

the ABCs of diabetes is-------


Blood pressure