The world is talking about relationship between countries, thinking beyond borders, exploring far ahead of skies and having peace with Nations. Talking big things to discover far beyond human limitations, questioning nature and its abilities. We compete with super natural power in manufacturing human clones to replace real self. Such a drastic technology advancement and manifestation of human behaviors in the recent times.This create a nightmare in human minds. 

As human race is never endless competition between self and fellow human beings for no reasons. We are trying to alter the real state of mind to capture seen and unseen things. We believe in illusions and delusions. The real picture is invisible and dreams are the reality of life. Talking about idealism than realizing realism. Human clones and robots are in demand to manage physical work and advancing to manage human emotions too. Human emoji are introduced to assess emotions and feelings. Working so hard with technology to succeed human mind and gives the feel of human touch.

Eventually, the researchers say we lost human lives in the name of progression and advancement of technology. Through technology we get comfort of life in exchange for peace of mind. Progressing in technology; declining in mental health and human life. The WHO report says every second someone in the corner of the world is mentally disturbed and has suicidal tendency. Every 40 seconds someone loses their life to suicide. Though it’s prevalent among all age groups but people in the age group of 15 – 29 years are lost their life more to suicide.

10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day - Let us work together in preventing suicide.">
10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day - Let us work together in preventing suicide.

The International Association for Suicide Prevention in collaboration with World Health Organization announces World Suicide Prevention Day, 10 September for creating awareness and preventing suicide. This year the theme is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”. Suicide is just a word or a thought only. We give life to suicide by fueling it with emotions and feelings. A word gets life and a person lost his life.

Life is more precious than anything in this world. Relationship with Self is paramount essential for living happy life. With the help of medical advancement we have conquered lot and lot of diseases and saved human life. No medical miracle or technology miracle has taken place to bring a new life in this world. It’s unless for humans no one can give life for a human. When we can’t produce we don’t have the rights to destruct anything.Our body is not ours. It’s been gifted by two souls. So we are part of their body and soul. We ourselves are the part of the family ecosystem. They have nurtured it from the day one to till date. We are bonded with feelings and emotions. No individual is alone in this world. 

Most of the time, people succumb to circumstances and blame themselves for no reasons. They see darkness everywhere and no hope is left out to see the beauty of their inner self. When you start seeing the beauty in you and valuing your life then you has the courage to “Ask for Support”. It’s just that one 3 letter word ASK would bring tremendous changes in life. Having down time in life is normal and feeling super low is acceptable. Not seeking for help is a crime. People are good only situations are bad. We as a family work together in preventing suicide and bring happiness in our life.

Moments are momentary and temporary. Support people to support them in crisis. Let them believe in people and life. We create an environment for people to believe in themselves and encourage seeking support from others. Let us understand People are Priceless. Life is to Live. Mind is to Manage. Emotion is to Encourage. Feeling is to Fulfill. Hand is to Help. We are living here for adding values to human life.