Monsoon has arrived and rains are a great delight especially after scorching heat of Summer. The cloudy sky, the downpour, lush greenery all around make the season a beautiful time to enjoy and get relief from harsh and sweaty summer. This lovely atmosphere naturally compels majority of people to eat a plate of crispy bhajia and cup of ginger tea.

But at times this beautiful venture can turn in to a disaster, especially for parents of infants and school going children. Incessant rains, flooding, putrid garbage, flies sticking to food, mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water, food water contamination and atmospheric changes provide a rich soil for insects and pathogenic organisms to multiply thereby inviting number of diseases.

Following are most common diseases seen in monsoon

1. Influenza - Common cold, flu

2. Malaria

3. Typhoid

4. Chikungunya

5. Dengue

6. Diarrhoea

7. Joint pains

8. Fungal infections

Some of the important tips to prevent yourself from any of ailment during monsoons
General Health Care

1. Drink clean boiled water daily - Water should be boiled for 10 min till the bubbles start appearing and the same water should be consumed within 24 hrs.

2. Consumption of hot fluids like Vegetable soups, clear soups, green tea, ginger tea.

3. Avoid eating raw food, salad, chutney, sandwiches, junk food and any outside food.

4. Wash food throughly before cooking. Fruits and veggies can be immersed in salt water as it will help in removing the dirt adhering the veggies.

5. Remember to take bath everytime you get wet in rain, it will not only help in removing the dirt settled on skin pores but will also help in normalizing body's temperature. It's better to add few drops of antiseptic solution like Dettol and Homoeopathic antiseptic Calendula.

6. Use mosquito repellents. Do not ignore any sniffles/ fever, contact doctor immediately.

Eye Care

Many people experience red, swollen, itchy eyes after getting wet in rain. Eye care in monsoon will be of great help which includes-

1. Wash eyes with cold water every time after coming from rain. It will help in removing dust within and around the eye.

2. Avoid sharing towels and napkins as eye infection rather even common cold is communicable using personalized items can lead to transmission of infection.

3. Do not wear contact lenses in heavy rain and winds as it can cause eye redness and itching.

4. Avoid swimming in monsoon.

Skin Care
1. Keep skin dry.

2. Do not wear wet clothes and shoes as it causes fungal infection.

3. Wear shoes rather than sandals.

Hair Care

1. Like skin hair also needs hydration so drink enough water.

2. Use right, preferably wide tooth comb to untangle freezy hair.

3. Do not comb or tie wet hair, Do not enter air conditioned rooms with wet hair.

4. Nothing can be as good as a hair oil massage preferably coconut oil. Oil at least twice a week. Hair wash also at least twice a week with a mild shampoo, dilute shampoo with equal amount of water.

5. Cover hair always with stole or scarf to avoid direct exposure.

Food & Diet Tips

1. Have nutritional, light, home cooked food like Dalia, mung khichadi, sautéed veggies, parathas stuffed with veggies, walnuts, soybean, tofu, almonds, whole grains like ragi, jowar, bajra, brown rice.

2. Seasonal fruits like pomegranates, bananas, apples, lichees are recommended.

Homoeopathy Medicines for Monsoon Ailments

Homoeopathy offers most promising results for every monsoon ailment.It helps in strengthening ones immunity thereby boosting body's self healing power.

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe even in pregnancy Children love Homeopathic medicines because of its sweet taste. "Prevention is better than cure as stitch in time saves nine"

Wish you all a very happy and healthy Monsoon!