Families are super excited about Pongal holidays and have great plans to celebrate. At the same time, they experience a slight discomfort about the upcoming exams too. The fear is on the higher side if the child is giving a public exam. In many cases, exams are exams only. Be it a public exam or annual exam. It’s just a matter of mind to accept exam as the preparatory phase for self to move ahead in life.

Having said that, you would be wondering how to ease out the exam fear and celebrate festival with the near and dear ones. Now, is the right time to learn the art of prioritizing.Celebrations and examinations are both sides of the coin. Have considered tail side for celebrations and head side for exam preparations. 

Toss a Coin:

Tossing a coin on your mind, to allocate time for learning and playing. Probably you spend a complete day with your family and friends to have the celebration feel and enjoy it to the core. That’s the tail time. The next day, find some time for yourself and sketch a plan for learning and playing. Involve your friends for activity-based learning or quiz or sharing knowledge and project discussion. 

Its advisable to have a balance of head and tail time. This would help in developing focus, time management, group learning, teamwork and competitive spirit. Tossing a coin within the family member is teamwork. Both parents and children should understand each other, communicate openly, and have a healthy discussion to allocate head and tail time for each activity. Manage both sides of the coin to have a happy and healthy life.