The lips are highly expressive and influence attractiveness. They play a leading role in how your face looks, affecting the prominence of other features such as your nose and chin. the relative position of your teeth in the arch of your mouth in part determines your lip position.this is important to keep in mind when you are considering cosmetic dentistry because any change in the type, size position , or vertical or horizontal overlap of your teeth can change the look of your lips and thus your facial appearance.

Lip line analysis:

1. When you smile normally:

  • How much of your upper teeth show?
  • How much of your lower teeth show?

2. When you smile broadly:

  • Can you see upper teeth, bout gum tissue around the teeth- LOW LIP LINE. This can generally be corrected by increasing tooth length or by extruding the teeth with the help of braces.      
  • Can you see only the tips of the gum tissue between the teeth-MEDIUM LIP LINE. This is by far the most pleasing and acceptable lip line in general.
  • Can you see a lot of the gum tissue above the upper teeth-HIGH LIP LINE. Such a condition can be corrected by gum surgery, braces, and or jaw surgery. also reducing the length of teeth could be considered depending on the analysis.

3. How many teeth are revealed in your widest smile?

Too less of teeth showing needs expansion of jaws and too much show of teeth may need braces and other replacement options to narrow the smile.

Lip lines can be altered

The lip line can be cosmetically altered by lengthening or shortening the teeth. implants, orthodontics, cosmetic contouring, and cosmetic gum surgery are used in combination of one or more procedures to achieve a more attractive and natural looking smile

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