The angry summer sun which is unforgiving for you all is uncomfortable to stay and makes you feel restlessness and you don’t feel like going out. But you can enjoy this hottest summer by having refreshing drinks like lassi or chaas , lemonade, watermelon squash etc. but some prefer to have diet coke which is zero in calories as they love the taste and most often they drink this to get rid of thirst....which is going to worsen the thirst actually.

Lets compare Lassi and Diet Coke


    A yogurt based drink called chaas

    Originates from Punjab

    Cooling and refreshing drink in summer

    Contains calcium, protein, carbohydrate

    Vitamin A , B and riboflavin

Diet Coke

    A sugar free soft drink called coca-cola light

    Originates from United States

    Addictive drink

    Contains artificial sweetener (aspartame)

Here the question arises which is safe to drink?

To enjoy the refreshing drink you can have lassi or chaas, which is safe to drink as it is made up of yogurt and you can enjoy this drink with different flavours and by adding different ingredients like you can add fruits or spices according to your taste. Its high in calcium, protein, vitamins A, B and riboflavin . The calorie and protein content is high and good for weight loss and also helps in lowering down the cholesterol levels and improves appetite.

Now a days, kids and college going students love to have diet coke which goes very well with junk food but diet coke are dangerous to their health as they can become obese, and in turn, more prone to diseases like cardiovascular problems and diabetes etc. The artificial sweetener called aspartame is present in diet coke which is harmful and effects your body systems on regular consumption, they may trigger your taste buds thus increasing the hunger and make you feel thirsty and an increase in metabolic problems.

Benefits of Lassi
    Reduce acidity in stomach
    Improves acidity
    Helps in digestion
    Cooling the intestine
    Improves appetite
    Reduce cholesterol
    Helps in weight lose
    Cleans the gut
    Good for lactose intolerant patients

Being a nutritionist, I strongly recommend this refreshing and nutritious drink and stay healthy and live life more.