Laser Treatments

In the 21st century, there was technology explosion towards high standard dentistry. As a part of this lasers were introduced to achieve painless dentistry and are going to play a major role in near future. Dental treatments were considered to be very painful in the past and had created fear in many minds, with the  introduction of dental lasers now no more injections, cutting, bleeding, sewing and pain, ONLY SMILES.

 How safe dental lasers are?

 Lasers are 100% safe, and FDI approved. widely used in with excellent results.


• Seals nerve ending and blood vessels while cutting, hence no bleeding & pain.

• Kills micro organisms makes the area sterile. 

• Stimulates cells for disease resistance gives (stimulates phagocytic activity) better tissue resistance. 

• Stimulates blood supply for faster heeling.

GUM DISEASES: (bleeding gums & bad breath) can be effectively cured without injection and pain in just 1hr by lasers.

LINAP (Laser Incision New Attachment Procedure). Its a FDI approved widely followed European procedure.


After thorough scaling (removal of tartar), local Anastasia is sprayed, then thin laser tip about the size of 3 human hair is gently passed between teeth and gums to remove diseased tissue inside the pocket, this completely removes diseased tissue and kills germs that causes gum infections while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.