Progress in technology has led to a number of advances in the field of dental care. The greatest benefit of technology is heightened patient care and comfort. 

Patient Comfort

The Waterlase Laser is gentle and efficient, therefore eliminating the need of local anaesthesia in most cases. Likewise, the unpleasant tingling and numb sensation post anaesthesia can be completely avoided.

Move away from the dental drill

The laser is relatively quiet as compared to the dental drill whose sound patients find agitating. In fact, fear of the drill is one of the top reasons that patients avoid going to the dentist in the first place, or else delay return visits.

Greater precision, shorter healing time

Use of the laser means greater precision, allowing for more accurate work and increased professional satisfaction. A dentist can repair tooth damage while preserving the greatest amount of natural tooth structure, followed by shorter healing time, a possibility of no stitches and lesser swelling.

Lesser time on the dentist’s chair

The number of visits to the dentist is drastically reduced. Since there is no anaesthesia required, the dentist can perform a multitude of procedures in fewer visits.