Diode and NdYAG Laser are two significant kinds of laser hair removal processes. According to the skin type, these methods vary. It is highly important to judge the skin type before applying the method. Otherwise the patients can face discoloration, scarring, itching, burning sensation and pain.
Definition of Laser Hair Reductions:

Laser hair reduction is a kind of hair reduction therapy through which the density of hair can be controlled by applying low energy laser ray. This ray is called intense pulsating light i.e IPL and applied directly to the hair follicles of the patients for burning out the follicles. It is basically not a permanent procedure as because there is high chance of hair growth after this process as well. The causes are carelessness and tendency of fast growth.

Explanation of Two Varieties of Laser Hair Reductions:

Two most advanced methods of laser hair reduction are described below except Ruby and Alexandrite.

  • Diode: Diode laser hair reduction therapy is one the most latest types of laser hair reduction in today’s era. It is not only newer but also quite popular for convenient availability. It is the laser therapy where longer wavelength of rays is applied for penetrating into the deep skin layer to destroy the hair follicle.
  • ND: YAG Laser: ND: YAG Laser can be used in every skin type but there is no evidence of its durability. Here LightWalker laser system is used in Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser (ND: YAG). It is also applicable for using pigmented lesion treatment and tattoo designing. Unwanted hair is really humiliating for both men and women. Both tend to hide them by various ways. It is the high time to use laser hair reduction therapies as technology is advancing rapidly.