Ayurveda has always been a one-stop centre for all your health related grievance. But often, we find reviews and complaints on how it doesn’t work for one and all. Though it’s heartbreaking to know that a specific formulation didn’t work for somebody, it’s important to get into why-s and how-s. As always, Ayurveda has an answer to take away all your doubts while helping you with a better approach.   

As the science of Ayurveda believes in the concept of unique bodies and their characteristics, it’s logical to accept that not everything works for everyone though it’s formulated to help the maximum range of the people out there. Hence, it’s been advised to know your body type, allergies and particularly, your doshas for the best possible treatment and healing. Without further adieu, let’s get started with the concept of dosha and how can you get tested to find yours!

Concept of Dosha

Ayurveda was founded to treat all body types based on their individual characteristics and traits and was later classified into three principal categories for an easy diagnosis and treatment. Each dosha was based on the characteristics similar to the five elemental phenomenon - i.e. earth, water, space, air and fire. These characteristics not only helped the person to know their body better but helped with the right prescription keeping the metabolic characteristics in mind.

Types Of Dosha

Based on the five elemental phenomenon, there are three types of dosha diagnosed by combining the dominant traits of your body resembling the characteristics of space, air, water, earth and fire. Each person has each of the doshas mentioned below with either a balanced or imbalanced state and are given their body types based on the balancing required. 

Vatta - Space and Air - Combining Space and Air, the personality discussed with the Vatta dosha is specifically considered to be adept with quick thinking, skinny and fast moving in comparison to other relative personalities evaluated. With a high metabolic activity, the individuals are often naturally gifted and creative to accommodate a vast range of learning and indulge themselves in various physical activities.

Pitta - Fire and Water - The personality traits described with the incredible combination Fire and Water often tend to become unbalanced given the opposite nature of these two elements. The personality in question is characterised by a sharp intellect, tremendous courage and willpower while the physical traits signify a gullible metabolism with high susceptibility of health complications. It also is known to affect the mental health with easily instigated anger and rage issues.

Kapha - Water and Earth - The combination of Earth and Water creates a soothing personality who tends to bring out more of a calm and serene nature including a more balanced physical nature. However, it usually aggravates the complications related to the metabolic machinery and is usually considered to be susceptible to cold and mucous related disorders along with a downside of mental health leading to a dull and lethargic outlook.