Green tea is touted as one of the healthiest beverages. It contains polyphenols (naturally occurring organic compounds) which helps in reducing inflammation in the body and natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. It aids in weight loss and is also believed to have anti-ageing properties.

This makes green tea a healthy choice for your overall health. However, this does not mean that you can mindlessly gulp down cups of green tea every day. 

To reap the benefits of green tea, it is important that you consume it in the right way. 

Let’s find out the right way to drink green tea:

Be Mindful of The Quantity

Though green tea is healthy, make sure that you do not go overboard with the drink. 

Green tea contains caffeine, the excessive consumption of which can cause problems with digestion and sleep. Therefore, make sure not to drink more than 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day.

Avoid Having Green Tea on an Empty Stomach

Though green tea has a much lower quantity of caffeine compared to coffee, it is not a good idea to kick start your day with a cup of green tea. 

It raises your cortisol levels which makes you alert and awake but also increases your stress and anxiety levels.

Caffeine can also dehydrate your body by increasing urination. Therefore, instead of green tea, you can choose a glass of warm water, lime water with honey or fruit in the morning.

Pay Heed To The Sweetener

Many of you add sweeteners to your green tea in different forms such as honey, stevia, white or brown sugar and jaggery. 

Though there is nothing wrong with adding sweeteners to your green tea, you should pay close attention to the amount added. Adding an excessive amount of sweetener can cause more harm to the body than good.

Avoid Green Tea Along With or Immediately After Meals

Having green tea along with or immediately after your meals can affect the absorption of nutrients. 

Certain compounds in green tea bind to minerals in your body and block their absorption. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies when continued for a long time. 

Therefore, the best option is to have green tea between your meals.

Avoid Reusing Green Tea Bags

Used tea bags can have a frightfully high amount of caffeine in them. Wet tea bags are also prone to microbial infestation. 

To be on the safer side, avoid the reuse of tea bags or at least make sure not to use them more than two times. Also, using green tea leaves would be a better choice when compared to tea bags. 

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