Fungal infections are the basic form of infections and may get worse, if proper care and medical assistance is not taken. Giving chance to it to spread and one can suffer extreme at the final stage. When you compare other microbes , the fungi are said to have high pathogens and the number of fungal species that can infect a person is more than 500. Mostly, the ear and upper respiratory tract are more prone to the fungus attack and infection as they come into permanent contact with the external environment which is always full of microorganisms and harmful fungi.

What is fungal infection?

A fungal infection is a circumstance created by any fungus thinning out among humans and spreading without any idea and realized only after the condition or symptoms are felt or diagnosed. Some are unrelenting like athlete’s foot,yeast infections and ringworm. We have drugs to treat such invasions as per the advice of the skin specialists,Having said that Prevention is better than cure and it is essential to maintain good hygiene, which is the primary defense against any kind of fungal infections and problems.

Common fungal infections

Fungal infections are caused by many types of fungi like yeasts and dermatophytes. Basically, fungi invade the dead keratin and grow in it. The most common fungal infections include:

  • Ringworm
  • Jock itch
  • Yeast infection and
  • Athlete’s foot

What is the treatment for fungal infections?

Initially, it is essential to use an anti fungal component that is prescribed by skin specialists and use as per the directions and instructions. Well, these  are topical treatments some of which are azithromycin, Diflucan and zithromax. These medicines are subscribed frequently to cure the fungal infections occurred externally in different areas on the body.