One fine day it happens that you are in the office and you get a call from your son's school saying that he fell down and broke his tooth. You would panic and run to his school and you would see the teacher with your son, teacher says your son fell and broke his tooth please take him to the doctor. You go the dentist next day as you get caught up with some work so next day you visit the dental clinic. He sees your child and says his tooth is knocked off, where is the tooth? You get surprised why tooth?, what is he gonna do with that? Don't get surprised! Yes its true you can place that same knocked off tooth if it is gotten back to the dentist with in half an hour in dry state or within one hour to 16 hours in certain storage medium. This storage medium can be as simple as milk, coconut water, egg white, lens solution etc. So next time if anything like this happens with you or any body else please search for the tooth and place it in  suitable medium and get it to the dentist as soon as possible.