Knee pain is one of the most common types of pain that are faced by people nowadays. This is a musculoskeletal problem that is quite painful, and so, a doctor is needed for consultation and treatment. With most people leading a fast paced life nowadays, the number of knee problems is increasing. There is a broad variety of causes as well as treatments related to knee pain.

What are the causes for this type of problem?

There can be various causes behind knee pain. Some of them are given below:

  • Injuries – A knee injury can harm the ligament, sacs as well as tendons that surround the knee joint.

  • Mechanical problems – There can be various mechanical problems that can cause knee pain.

The most effective treatment in the case of knee injuries

  • Rest – Rest is the foremost thing that is needed in the case of knee pain. So, taking rest can greatly help in the process of treating knee pain. Taking a break from daily activities and chores will greatly help to make the knee a better one. So, this is a useful knee pain treatment.
  • Ice – Ice will greatly reduce swelling as well as pain. So, cold packs or ice can be applied instantly for the prevention as well as minimization of swelling. The cold pack or ice can be applied for about 20 minutes or for 3-5 times in a day. 
  • Compression – This involves wrapping the sore or the injured area with a bandage that will help to decrease the swelling. One should not wrap the area too tightly as this can lead to more swelling in the affected area. The bandage needs to be loosened if it is wrapped too tightly. It's an important knee pain treatment. 
  • Massage – the area of the pain needs to be gently massaged or rubbed for providing relief to the pain as well as encouraging blood flow. One should not massage the affected area if it pains a lot. Massaging is a great way regarding this type of pain. 
  • Reduction of stress – people suffering must ensure that they do not put any additional stress on their knee. Putting stress on the knee can affect it more.