“Kids with special needs are not weird or odd. They only want what everyone else wants” - Was a quote by an unspecified author. How true it is? Conditions related to global delayed development is all about to show your skills as parents in bringing up our kids. These special children are special gifts to special parents! We name the conditions by just the inability of our kids like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia….etc. Lets not label them as DISABLED. 

These conditions give us an opportunity to serve our kids in a better way. Early intervention is the  key to identify the problems and help them overcoming it. Its our job to make them to learn in setting goals to achieve. Carers and parents need patience in dealing with such kids.

At REVIVE we have approaches to treat and deal your kids. Our Principle is “To teach you fishing so that you can feed yourself “. Because parents and carers play a vital role in bring up the special kids, we design the program and involve the parents to be more active in achieving the  goals.

The Initial Rehab plan leads to a thorough assessment and perfect diagnosis. The intervention and therapeutic services are delivered for couple of months and then weaned off to be taken care at home once the parents complete the parenting program of ours by best early interventionist. As carers and parents you are to visit once in a week to review the progress and revise the goals.

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