Various studies conducted by various organizations show that over 30% of the children in Bangalore suffer from Asthma. Children are more prone to breathing problems because their respiratory and immune system is not fully developed. As our environment has become increasingly polluted, there is a sharp rise in Respiratory Issues. Statistics reveal that in 1979 only 9% of the children were affected with Asthma but the figure rose to 30% in 2015. Salt room therapy is a wonderful alternative, drugless health option for children.

The Salt room therapy option

Kids are made to sit in the salt room. The salt room is entirely covered with predefined mixture of untreated salts and specific minerals that have been coated on the walls. Halo generator converts the salt particles into micro particles of size 2 to 4 microns which are flooded into the treatment room at a specific microclimate for the micro particles to be clinically effective. Salt therapy makes use of natural healing properties of salt to detoxify the body. When these micro particles of salt enter the lungsthree major actions happen: 1) Bacteriostatic 2) Bactericidal 3) T- lymphocyticactions, i.e. it helps to reduce inflammation, loosen and clear excessive mucus, reduce IgE levels thereby strengthening immunity.

Here is why parents choose salt therapy over medication & antibiotics..

Children enjoy the sessions being unaware that they are receiving treatment. Salt room therapy reduces the need of INHALERS AND ANTIBIOTICS. It helps your child to become healthier, playful, happier and energetic.

Dr.Vanikala Venugopal

RespiCare Whitefield