Renal stones are relatively rare during pregnancy but they can be a reason for constant pain in pregnancy. To manage kidney stones and pregnancy together is definitely a tough task as we cannot ignore disease and wait for the delivery and at the same time, we have to see for the normal course of pregnancy also.So it cannot be a one-man show so needs a multidisciplinary approach. 

Tasks to be done:

  • The first challenge is to  differentiate between physiological and pathological changes
  • Second thing is that diagnostic tests and treatment options are limited. 

So needs a balancing of all available options

Why stones in Pregnancy?

Progesterone increases smooth muscle relaxation and reduces peristalsis in the ureter and also the dilatation of the pelvicalyceal system.

The enlarged uterus also adds to it and compresses the ureter, especially later in pregnancy. Such that the right side is generally more dilated than the left, possibly as a result of dextro-rotation of the uterus