There are no miracles or overnight results.Here are some tips which will help you to look young. patience and discipline are the main key rules to achieve this goal:

1. Drink a glass of raw vegetable juice daily as it is full of anti-oxidants and fiber.

 For example, cucumber+spinach juice OR carrot+tomato juice.

2. The goodness of fruits and vegetable can never be undermined. So include more and more fruits and vegetable in your diet.Include food like:

  • BROCCOLI:  Broccoli has an array of anti-oxidants which is a life extender and protects against lots of diseases.
  • AVOCADO: It is high in anti-oxidants and lowers down the cholesterol levels.
  • BERRIES: Have anti-oxidants and helps in treating urinary tract infections.
  • CABBAGE: Cabbage prevents from colon cancer.
  • CARROTS: These are legendary in fighting off ageing diseases. 
  • CITRUS FRUITS: They are a complete package of anti-cancer inhibitor.
  • SPINACH: Also have anti-ageing properties and is full of folic acid.
  • TOMATOES: These are the richest source of lycopene which reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer.
  • OATS: An excellent heart medicine. They are full of fiber which helps in lowering down cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels.
  • FISH:  The only good dietary source of vitamin-D. Has omega-3 fatty acids which lower down the heart-related risks.

3. Consume less oil. The excess fat that we consume in the form of oily snacks gets oxidized and produce a burst of free radical activity. These free radicals cause ageing. Recycling the used oil is another harmful habit practiced by most of us. Switch to Olive oil as it has anti-oxidants which slow down the ageing of heart and has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

4. Choose from endless tea brands out in the market for wonders. Switching to green tea will bring anti-oxidants along with it which will help to retain youthful looks.

5. Avoid 3S ( sugar, salt, stress ) in your life to maintain a positive outlook as these are enemies of your health and look. Remove stress from life as stress will cause tension which will lead to ageing.

6. Do not fill your tummy to the full. So that the digestion of the food is at it's best. Also, overeating will lead to weight gain.

7. Include at least two calcium  rich food every day. It could be low fat curd, low-fat paneer, skimmed milk, etc. Curd helps in maintaining a healthy gut. Calcium will take care of bones and knees while ageing. 

8. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. It can be yoga/ brisk walk/ walk/ jogging etc. 

9. Stop smoking. Smoking ages the skin and brings on wrinkles around mouth and eyes.

10. Avoid alcohol as it provide empty calories and may lead to liver damage which is the main organ of the body.