India is a land of festivals. These festivals form the essence of our life. The festival of holi is round the corner. It adds so much color and fun to our life! 

Following some simple tips mentioned below can help you keep your skin safe during this festival

  • Avoid any kind of treatments/ parlour activities one week before and after holi.
  • Apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your face and the other exposed parts of the body half an hour before going out to play holi.
  • Moisturize your skin, lips and hair well for 2-3 days before and after holi.
  • Wear full sleeved cotton clothes and cover your hair with bandana if possible.
  • Preferably use herbal colors for playing holi. Especially avoid gel and shiny colors.
  • Don’t sit in sun after playing with colors.
  • Don’t remove the color by vigorous scrubbing. Remove it using a mild cleanser and continue using the moisturiser liberally.
  • In case you have any sensation of itching, you can take an anti allergic.
  • In case of any severe reaction consult your doctor immediately.

Wishing you all a fun filled holi and your skin a safe one. Enjoy this beautiful festival of colors.