The Indian wedding season is here. With so many weddings, its a 'make-me-fat' mine field trying to avoid the fat loaded food. To make the food taste better in these gathering, its loaded with oil, cream and butter and lots of refined, simple carbohydrates.

So the wedding food you consume is loaded with calories- high fat and sugar. No matter how much you might want to watch your portions you still are in the grave danger zone of adding fat to your system. Then, there’s the free flowing alcohol which slows your metabolic rate and because of the high calorie and sugar content, promotes fat storage. Lastly what throws you off the edge is the high sodium content food that promotes water retention, to make you feel even more bloated.

Snack well: Have a heavy snack before you head out to the wedding, so you avoid snacking on the deep fried, calorie loaded wedding snacks.

Skip the desserts. If you really want some, ask for small portions, or share your plate with a friend.

Have the salads- not the creamy, calorie loaded potato salad, but the leafy, green one.