If you have a child, who has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which is also called Juvenile diabetes then you are not alone. It is true that diabetes is a medical condition which needs close attention in your child’s lifestyle. But with some practical knowledge and proper education through experts, you can become your child’s best friend in learning to live with this disease.

Things that should be on your finger tips

Treating diabetes in children is far more challenging than in adultsYou have to adopt a practical approach and not just depend on clinical intervention. Proper management is little difficult but not impossible with type 1 diabetes children. You have to be attentive and get in touch with the school authority, friends with whom he/she spends most of their time. Dive deeper in understanding about meal timings as well as meals which are offered in schools.

For more information, follow the tips below:

  1. Make sure that your child eats balanced meals with good carbohydrates. Limit the intake of sugar and starch.

  2. Make a chart which includes the daily diet along with meal timings.

  3. Ensure timely insulin shots for your child.

  4. In school, your child’s teacher should be aware of your his/her diabetes. Above all teachers should allow enough loo breaks, oversee their food and monitor their physical activity.

  5. Work closely with the doctor and diabetes healthcare team for the effective progress in diabetes.

Living with diabetes is a challenge, no matter at what age it encounters. Your child might be scared, angry and uncooperative but family, friends and a health care team are great resources, to help a child cope up and live with juvenile diabetes.