Life is hectic. Handling professional life and personal life is almost a task for us. Tension at work and responsibilities back home occupy a big space of our life. Right from the time we wake up, to the time we sleep, we are on our toes. Surrounded by people and tasks, we forget that we are individuals and we need some time to spend with ourselves. People who do not find time to spend at leisure are listless and tired all the time. To keep yourself fit and happy, having your "me time" is very important. Few ways you can spend quality me time are:

Meditate: Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Let thoughts come and pass. Don't stress on them though that you can't stop thinking. Just keep your eyes closed and relax. As a starter, even if you can do this for 5 min, it's a winner time. Put an alarm of 5 min on your mobile and open your eyes. Once you have achieved this, you can increase the time to 10 mins and then to 15 mins. 

Read: Read anything that you like to read. A novel, a magazine or even the newspaper. Engross yourself into reading something little every day.

Music: Whenever you find gap times, listen to your favourite music. Download songs that you especially  like and listen to them in between travels or while you are finishing your home chores. Music is a medicine. It definitely puts you into your " me zone."

Walk: Take a walk alone. It helps you regroup with thoughts sequentially. Walking alone allows you to converse with yourself.

Do your favourite thing: Do something that you like to do when you have free time in hand . Pursue your hobby, play a sport; do something that you enjoy doing.

It is important to make yourself happy while you are busy making others happy. Have a super relation with yourself. Have some time in your life,  just for you !