Do you love your smile? Answer to this question should be 'yes', but still there are many of us who will answer 'no' or 'don't know' to this. Why is it so? Its because people think that mouth is just for eating & teeth is for chewing not more than this & after this thinking everything goes wrong with their oral health. Oral health is one of most essential part of our body. It includes teeth, gums, tongue & cheeks. In today's life we are so busy that in a whole busy day if we are done with every possible thing then we can think of a dentist.

Nowadays people are getting aware about dental problems but still they visit the dentist only if they are suffering with intolerable pain or they are done with their home treatment remedies. Maximum no. of patients visits to a dentist at that point when 60 % or more tooth is gone. So this is not the awareness we require, there are some important points that we should keep in mind.

  • Instead of this we should rush to dentist whenever any initial or even a small sign is there that something is going wrong with your teeth
  • We should make a habit that  we should visit a dentist atleast every month or after two for regular dental checkups 
  • Instead for going to a quack due to financial issues, go to a qualified dentist. He can give you proper treatment without any further problems
  • Before entering to a clinic check for his or hers degree, only after that go for treatment
  • Keep in mind no treatment is dentistry is painful any more. Its the unqualified dentist that hurts you
  • Make habit of brushing twice a day with soft toothbrush in a proper motion
  • Ask for opinion of atleast 2 dentists if you are going for extractions or treatment with huge investments
  • For any problem don't rely on drugs, as they will only give you symptomatic relief for few hours but not treat your problem, it may get worse later on

So keeping these points in your mind can make you say - "Yes I love my smile"!