Smile is one of the most important parts of your face.If your smile is attractive and healthy looking,it will take years off your appearance.If,on the other hand,your smile reveals worn,discolored,chipped,or missing teeth,you'll look older than you should,and no amount of plastic surgery can change that.If you'd like to take years off your smile-and your overall looks-ask your dentist about cosmetic procedures that can help.Your chronological age should never stand between you and a more pleasing appearance.

10 Tips to keep your smile young:

  1. Watch for unnatural wear and avoid grinding your teeth.
  2. Take preventive oral hygiene seriously to avoid gum and bone loss.
  3. Replace faulty fillings before they cause problems.
  4. If crowns or bridges are worn down,replace them.
  5. Lighten any discolored teeth.
  6. Replace any missing teeth as soon as possible.
  7. Correct a bad bite.
  8. Never chew ice or hard candy or suck on lemons.
  9. Avoid abrasive habits such as aggressive tooth brushing.

Prevention:The best way to fight the years

You can keep your smile intact for a lifetime.Good oral hygiene-including tooth brushing,flossing,and regular visits to the dentist-will help keep teeth,gums,and bone in good health.

Treatment options:

  • The most economical way to correct teeth that are simply worn down is with cosmetic contouring.
  • Bonding the front surfaces of worn teeth gives the smile a more youthful and healthy appearance in matter of hours.
  • For extensive tooth wear-regardless of the cause-maximum improvement is usually obtained with crowns.
  • You're never late for tooth movement.Tooth repositioning by orthodontic correction can be done to improve your smile.
  • Dentures can help you avoid problems like face to collapse,mouth to sink in,deep lines on skin which add years to the face due to tooth loss.
  • If you've lost teeth due to trauma or periodontal disease,it  is possible to replace them with dental implants.