Are you planning for a baby? Yes? Then you must know that your body has to undergo a lot of changes during the 9 months of pregnancy. It is important that you make your body ready to accept these changes easily. There are plenty of preparations that are needed to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. Here are some important tips to make your body ready for the upcoming motherhood.

Maintain a stable weight

Obesity is the biggest hindrance to pregnancy. Women who are overweight have problem in getting pregnant. Even if they do, they are more vulnerable to complexities like gestational diabetes or preeclamtia. Hence, before you plan motherhood, loose excess body weight. It doesn’t matter if you do down half of your present weight. Consult your dietitian and start a regular exercise regime.

Pre-natal vitamins are important

Most women are not aware of their pregnancy until they miss a period. Missing a period signifies that the growth of the baby inside you has already started. Not taking enough vitamins and folic acid from the very advent of pregnancy can interfere with the proper development of your baby. Hence, it is advisable to consult your doctor and start taking regular doses of vitamins even before you have conceived.

Beware of harmful chemicals

Over exposure to harmful chemicals, pesticides, radioactive elements not only harm your fertility but also adversely affect your baby’s health. Hence, it is mandatory to stay away from these while you are planning your pregnancy or after you have conceived.

Get rid of bad habits

If you are a chain smoker, regular drinker, addicted to drugs, then this is the time to get rid of your bad habits and get into a more organized and healthy lifestyle.

See your doctor regularly

Before you conceive, it is important that you get in touch with your OB/GYN. Your doctor will schedule your pre-natal diets, exercises, vaccines and medication. Regular checkups will reduce the chances of any health problems, before, during or even after pregnancy. Only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby.

Follow these small tips and you will have your body completely ready to welcome your baby. Give your baby a healthy life by having a healthy body. After all you’re a mother’s womb in the first and safest abode for the baby; make it healthy as well.